A List of Names of the Members of Different Companies of the Twelfth Regiment of the New Jersey Volunteers Mustered into Actual Service of the United States of America, for the term of three years, who have families residing in Gloucester County, entitled to State pay, pursuant to an act of the Legislature of New Jersey entitled , “An Act for the relief of such portion of the Militia of this State as may be called into service.”  Approved May 11, 1861.

Date of Muster Name Home Town
8/2/1862 William S. Garwood Woodbury
7/31/1862 Nichola?  P. Barber Woodbury
8/11/1862 Jacob Dehart Fislerville
8/4/1862 William Fletcher Jr Woodbury
8/12/1862 Edward Fitch Woodbury
8/13/1862 Thomas S. Hampton Woodbury
8/2/1862 George H. Martin Woodbury
8/2/1862 William McMonigal Woodbury
8/11/1862 Samuel D. Mills Fislerville
8/11/1862 Jesse A. Osborn Woodbury
8/11/1862 Amos Parker Woodbury
8/9/1862 Isaac Stetzer Woodbury
8/4/1862 Joseph C. Watson Woodbury
8/9/1862 Jacob H. Yerricks Woodbury
8/14/1862 Joseph Tredway Woodbury
7/29/1862 James Dilks Woodbury
8/12/1862 James Atkinson Franklinville
8/15/1862 John W. Jordan Franklinville
7/25/1862 Jacob R. Medara Woodbury
7/29/1862 George Anthony Harrisonville
8/11/1862 Robert Blackburry Glassboro
8/19/1862      Benjamin W. Hewitt    Woodbury
8/19/1862 Elias H. Osborn Woodbury
8/12/1862 John Pearce Woodbury
7/29/1862 Charles Scott Woodbury
8/13/1862 Joseph Watson Thoroughfare
8/15/1862 Anthony Neines(?) Woodbury
8/11/1862 Aaron Garwood Swedesboro
8/19/1862 John McKeon Mullica Hill
8/22/1862 Dennis Ryen Mullica Hill
8/13/1862 William Tozer Mullica Hill

William F. Pierson

7/29/1862 Abel K. Shute Mullica Hill
8/11/1862 William B. Gleeson Swedesboro
8/11/1862 John T.(?) Meley Mullica Hill
8/9/1862 John Albright Harrisonville
8/11/1862 Joseph P. Ashbrook Mullica Hill
8/11/1862 David Boody Mullica Hill
8/7/1862 James Ecret Mullica Hill
8/9/1862 Samuel S. Greenwood Asbury
8/5/1862 Samuel G. Headley Mullica Hill
8/11/1862 Samuel Iredell Mullica Hill
8/11/1862 John C. Jackson Mullica Hill
8/11/1862 Alfred Jones Bridgeport
8/11/1862 David W. Keen Swedesboro
7/29/1862 William Lakes(?) Woodbury
8/4/1862 Charles Miller Swedesboro
8/9/1862 Joseph W. Moore Mullica Hill
8/9/1862 William H. Park Mullica Hill
8/7/1862 William Press Mullica Hill
7/31/1862 James K. Russell Clarksboro
7/29/1862 William H.H. Stratton Swedesboro
8/11/1862 Emanuel Stratton Jr Swedesboro
8/9/1862 William H. Stone Asbury
8/11/1862 Isaac H. Saul Mullica Hill
8/11/1862 Edwin F.(?) Sweeney Bridgeport
8/11/1862 Joseph A. Test Clarksboro
8/2/1862 Joseph Tompkins Swedesboro
8/11/1862 Joseph L. White Mullica Hill
8/5/1862 Charles M. Wilson Swedesboro
8/11/1862 Charles R. Wood Swedesboro
8/15/1862 Jeremiah Casto Bridgeport
8/12/1862 John B. Cary Bridgeport
8/12/1862 James M.(?) Wilkins Redbank
8/12/1862 Joseph T. Higginson Redbank
8/13/1862 Joseph J. Thompson Woodbury
8/12/1862 Henry C. Derrickson Bridgeport
8/13/1862 Thomas H. Gane or Zane Swedesboro
8/13/1862 Daniel Kierman Paulsboro
8/13/1862 Edward Snelbaker Woodstown
8/13/1862        Peter D. Hulings        Woodbury  
8/13/1862 John Hulings Paulsboro
8/13/1862 William S.(?) Seran Glassboro
8/13/1862 James Stetser Glassboro
8/13/1862 George Lockwood Glassboro
8/13/1862 Azrael Nichols Clarksboro
7/29/1862 J. Morgan Barnes Woolwich
8/30/1862 William J. Clark Swedesboro

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